A Better Relationship & Understanding with Your Dog.
Behavior doesn’t change overnight. Repetition and consistency is the key to success!

Join the thousands of pet owners, veterinarians and scientists who participate in positive reinforcement and clicker/treat training! Services are available in the comfort of your own home or at my own training facility. 

It’s not just learning, it’s a science. When you work with your local certified trainers, you’re also joining the thousands of animal scientists and veterinary professionals out there who study and participate in the same concepts and methods for addressing animal behavior.

It’s also not a one-shot deal. Many pet owners don’t realize that even with the most trainable breeds, training is the same as ownership: a commitment that lasts the life of your companion. I’m here to teach you the mindset and steps needed to better your relationship at home.

1. Browse the service options below and contact me for an initial consultation.

2. At your initial consultation, set a plan that works with your schedule and your dog.

3. Need to change? Upgrade any time, or reduce your plan starting the next month.

4. Gotta’ go? Month-to-month means no hassle when it comes to stopping services.

$150/mo. Training at Facility
+$60 for In-Home Visit