My name is Jeffrey McClure and I have been training dogs since the day I got my first dog, Dodger Ray Roo. As I learned professional methods to train and handle my own dogs, I started helping my friends with theirs.

I began looking into “clicker” training and positive reinforcement practice when working for the Panhandle Humane Society. Shelter pups don’t always come from happy and sunny backgrounds, so I wanted to perfect training without the use of fear or harsh devices. These dogs already had enough of that in their lives. I wanted the learning experience to be fun and rewarding for them.

Now? I own a bunch of dogs and offer enrichment services, products and other help such as dog sitting/walking to the community.

I started Bangarang BowWows to help people contribute to building a better dog community in the Scottsbluff Gering area. My goal is not just to provide training, but also to change the way people think about the problems pet owners often encounter and to change what it means to be proactive and mindful when you’ve made the decision to lead a better life with your dog. A community of amazing bangarang dogs and bangarang dog owners!

Contact Jeffrey McClure
Email: mcclure.j@live.com
Calls & Texts: (308) 365-2206

Bangarang BowWows Training Facility
711 19th Ave. #20
Scottsbluff, NE 69361